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Solid Oak

Solid Oak Flooring

The Oak tree is commonly associated with strength and endurance. Oak’s amazing beauty, strength and longevity, make Oak one of the most suitable materials for use in solid wood flooring.

Oak floorings are usually divided into one of two major groups, the red oaks (Erythrobalanus) and the white oaks (Leucobalanus). Within these groups, Oak has a vast array of diverse species, which contribute to the huge variation in MARBLEUK LTD’s extensive range of Solid Oak Floorings.

Oak is highly prized for the beauty of its grain, its fabulous texture, and the richness of its colouring after polishing. For these reasons, and along with its huge variation in colour and finish, solid Oak flooring is one of MARBLEUK LTD Wood and Stone’s most popular products.

Whichever solid Oak flooring product you choose from MARBLEUK LTD Wood and Stone, is guaranteed to enhance your home in an enduring and timelessly beautiful fashion.