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Solid Parquet

Solid Parquet Flooring

MARBLEUK LTD Wood and Stone stock a wide range of Solid Parquet flooring. Parquetry is basically flooring that is made up of geometric shapes, usually square or rectangular in shape. Marquetry is similar and often confused with Parquetry, as it also uses cut pieces of wood to make up a floor, but in Marquetry these shapes are curved and natural in shape.

Solid Parquet flooring comes in many different sizes, from pieces of wood as small as 20mm by 160mm, to much larger Parquet flooring pieces similar to conventional wood flooring. Solid Parquet makes a particularly beautiful floor and is not that difficult to fit. Originally, Parquet was laid on top of bitumen, but in recent years, it has become the norm to simply glue the Parquet to a flat wooden sub floor.

All parquet flooring is generally hard wearing and stable and once sanded and sealed Parquet gives a beautiful and timeless natural finish.

MARBLEUK LTD Wood and Stone have a long history and great experience in supplying and laying Parquet flooring, so please do not hesitate to ring us for any help or information that you may require.